DIGITAL Radio Features:
- 512 Channels
- 4 Programmable Front Panel Keys
- 40 Character Scrolling Alphanumeric Display
- Multi-Color LED Custom Call Alert
- 26 Pin Accessory Connector
- Basic Privacy (Digital Mode)
- Digital Encode/Decode: Call Alert, Private Call, Emergency
- Selective Radio Inhibit, radio check and remote monitor
- MDC-1200 analog encode/decode: call alert, emergency and PTT ID
- 2-Tone Analog paging, call alert, call alert w/voice, Select Call
- High Power and Low Power Versions Available
Model Description List
VXD-7200-D0-25 136-174 VHF 25W 512 Chan $633.00
VVXD-7200-D0-45  136-174 VHF 45W 512 Chan $667.00 
VXD-7200-G6-25 403-470 UHF 25W 512 Chan $633.00
VXD-7200-G7-40450-512 UHF 40W 512 Chan$667.00

Model   List
DC Noise Filters
LF-1 Plug-In Line Filter $35.00
MD-11A8J/4000 Desk Microphone $114.00

The MH-53A7A is a Noise-Canceling Microphone .


The MH-53B7A is a Noise-Canceling Microphone with DTMF keypad.

Power Supply
FP-1023 External Power Supply 23 Amp $216.88
Programming and Installation
CT-70 Radio Programming Cable (Requires VX VPL-1 Cable) $63.00
CT-72 Cloning Cable (Set-to-Set Clone) $68.00
MLS-100 External Speaker (12 Watt Peak) $62.00
MLS-200 12 W peak external weatherproof speaker. $89.00