Vertex Standard - VX-600 VHF/UHF Portable Radios Rugged, Durable Portables Ideal for Factory or Fleet ! The VX-600 radio was designed to give you reliable, rugged performance in a lightweight, feature rich package. Beginning with its Lithium Ion battery, the VX-600 leads the market in innovative, useful, features. The Lithium Ion battery provides a lighter weight battery (compared to NiCd, or NiMh), with increased battery capacity! Also, the Lithium Ion design eliminates the memory effect of NiCd from the past. The list of features for this radio would fill the rest of this page, so here are just a few: 48 channel capacity, active noise canceling circuits (using two separate mic elements) 14 to 16 hour battery life (with the standard battery!) Mil-Std 810 C/D/E/F approved, o-ring sealed to prevent moisture intrusion Emergency functions Intrinsically Safe versions High speed scan many many others Like all of our radios, the VX-600 is designed to be fully customizable through software to fully utilize the functions that are important to your work environment. All this plus a standard three year warranty.  
Model Description List
VX-600UAS1 PKG-1 FNB-V68LI ATU-6A VX-600 Series Portable 5W 400-430MHz 48CH w/FNB-V68LI 7.4V 1800mA, ATU-6A $500.67
VX-600UD PKG-1 FNB-V68LI ATU-6D VX-600 Series Portable 5W 450-485MHz 48CH w/FNB-V68LI 7.4V 11800mA, ATU-6D $491.67
VX-600VA PKG-3 FNB-V68LI ATV-8A VX-600 Series Portable 5W 134-150MHz 48CH w/FNB-V68LI 7.4V1800mA, ATV-8A $471.67
VX-600VC PKG-1 FNB-V68LI ATV-8B VX-600 Series Portable 5W 150-162MHz 48CH w/FNB-V68LI 7.4V1800mA, ATV-8B $471.67
VX-600VC PKG-2 FNB-V68LI ATV-8C VX-600 Series Portable 5W 162-174MHz 48CH w/FNB-V68LI 7.4V1800mA, ATV-8C $471.67

Model   List
Alignment/Service Related
CN-3 SMA to BNC Adaptor $11.00

Firmware Writer.  Unit comes with a cable for the muli-pin radios (VX-900, VX-4000, etc.).  Please order the CT-92 cable for firmware updating of modular connector radios (VX-3200, VX-4200, VXR-9000, etc.).  Powered by a PA-23B (not supplied).

Alkaline Battery Cases
FBA-27 Alkaline Battery Case (Requires 6 AA Cells) $45.00

400-430 MHZ / BROWN / 6.5" / VX10UA/600/800/900


450-485 MHZ / RED / 6" / VX-10/160/180/210/400/600/800/900


Antenna 450-485 MHz / 3.5"

ATV-10A High Gain antenna, 145-155MHz (Red) / 10.5" $16.00
ATV-10B High Gain antenna, 150-160MHz (Brn) / 10.5" $16.00
ATV-10C High Gain antenna, 155-165MHz (Blk) / 10.5" $16.00
ATV-10E High Gain antenna, 165-175MHz (Org) / 10.5" $16.00

Antenna 134-151 MHz  / 4"


Antenna 150-163 MHz / 3.5" 


Antenna 161-174 MHz / 3.5" 


7" untunned VHF antenna


Antenna 134-150 MHz / Sable / 6" 


Antenna 150-163 MHz / Sable / 6" 


Antenna 162-174 MHz / Sable / 6" 

FNB-V68LI 7.4 V 1800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack $85.00
FNB-V68LIIS 7.4 V 1800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Intrinsically Safe $142.00
FNB-V69LI 7.4 V 2800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack $126.00

7.4 V / 2800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Intrinsically Safe version

LCC-900 Leather Case $32.00
LCC-900/TT Leather Case w/Belt Loop (for 16 Keypad Version) $32.00
LCC-900S Leather Case with Swivel uses Radio's Belt Clip $42.00
LCC-900S/TT Leather Case with Swivel (for 16 Keypad Version) $42.00
VAC-6900B 120 VAC 6 Unit Multi Rapid Charger $575.00
VAC-6900C 240 VAC 6 Unit Multi Rapid Charger $575.00
VAC-900 Charge Stand Only for VCM-1 (Without Power Supply) $49.00
VAC-900B 120 VAC 1-Hour Desktop Charger $76.00
VAC-900C 240 VAC 1-Hour Desktop Charger $76.00

Vehicular DC Charger Mounting Adaptor.  

Requires a charging base: VAC-400, VAC-800, etc.)


Headsets and Surveillance
VH-110 Heavy Duty, Dual Muff Over The Head Style With Boom Mic, Intrinsically Safe $370.00
VH-115M Lightweight Headset w/ Boom $81.00
VH-120 3 Wire Mini Lapel Mic Surveillance Kit, Intrinsically Safe $185.00
VH-130 2 Wire Palm PTT Surveillance Kit, Intrinsically Safe $157.00
VH-215M Lightweight Padded Headset, Single Speaker $130.00
VH-225M Lightweight Padded Headset, Dual Speaker $163.00
Programming and Installation

FIF-10 to VX-530/600/800/900 Cable

CT-70 Radio Programming Cable (Requires VX VPL-1 Cable) $63.00
CT-72 Cloning Cable (Set-to-Set Clone) $68.00
EC014N951 VX-600 VHF Service Manual N/A
EC014U950 VX-600 UHF Service Manual N/A
FIF-10A FIF-10A USB Interface for PC programming. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails. Pigtails not included. $150.00
INST-OPT Installation Charge. $53.00
PROG/ADD Factory Radio Programming (Each additional channel after 1st) $6.00
PROGRAMMING Factory Radio Programming (single channel only) $50.00
VX MPI Programming Kit for the MDC1200 and the FVP-35 $263.00

Programming cable from PC.  Check specific models for additional cable pigtails.

F2D-8 Two-Tone Decoder.  (requires FIF-7 if used on the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000) $102.00
F5D-14 Five-Tone Enc/Dec Unit.   (requires FIF-7 if used on the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000) $202.00
FVP-25 Encryption Unit (Band Inversion Type) and DTMF Paging.    (requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000) $118.00
FVP-35 Plug-in Rolling Code Encryption.  Requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000.  Requires VX MPI for programming $346.00
MDC1200 MDC1200 ANI Encoder.  Requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000.  Requires VX MPI for programming. $125.00
VME-100 The VME-100 is a plug-in ANI encoder capable of encoding MDC1200, GE Star or DTMF ANI per channel. $99.95
Speaker Microphones

Compact Speaker Microphone for the VX-800, VX-600, and VX-900.

MH-450M Commercial Speaker Microphone for the VX-800, VX-600, and VX-900. $50.00
MH-50A7A Public Safety Speaker Microphone, MIL-STD Rated, Intrinsically Safe $94.00